Eclectic Geekery


The last 5 subjects I’ve talked about in the last month:

. . . . .

I never stopped to think how eclectic (and/or scatterbrained) this blog’s subject matter is.

Most blogs in this space drill down, down, down on two or three of themes.

I can’t seem to stay interested in a subject for more than a week at a time.

I’m not sure if that’s a help or a hindrance to my readership.

My hope is that it exposes me/you to fresh ideas and sends me/you off on tangents that occasionally make me/you a better trader (Lord knows the strength of my prose isn’t enough to carry a blog).

But I’ve been wondering lately, should I instead cover everything about something?

Or are these analytical drive-byes more useful, covering something about everything?

No point to this post, just wondering out loud.

Happy Trading,

. . . . .

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10 Responses to “Eclectic Geekery”

  1. 1 Systematic Edge

    Something about everything helps me at least to explore no ideas. You blog has been an inspiration for my trading, keep it up!

  2. 2 jrshrenk

    My personal preference is for the eclectic. Your posts always serve as a great point of jumping off into another way of thinking. Too much focus (especially as it relates to the markets) misses a significant amount of breadth needed to really understand what’s going on.

  3. 3 Emil

    Go wild! ;)

  4. The beauty of a blog format is the ability to jump around. Keep up the great work!

  5. 5 jkw

    You should probably just write whatever you want to. If you try to have some particular focus, then you will start filtering out posts that aren’t sufficiently related, and that is a good way to kill off your creativity. I think you have one of the best market analysis blogs I’ve seen, so I don’t think you should change anything.

    I also think it is more useful to present a lot of ideas than to present a few ideas in depth. I don’t think anyone should fully develop a trading system to the point that would be appropriate to start trading it for a hedge fund on a blog, because anyone who can’t complete the system on their own will probably screw up the execution. You present a lot of ideas that can be developed into trading systems and information about how to develop trading systems, which is much more useful. You also analyze many common beliefs and show which ones are correct and which ones are just myths.

  6. 6 Blue cat

    I agree with the previous comments. Write about whatever interests you. I find it all interesting.

  7. 7 CarlosR

    Everybody’s in agreement, and I’ll jump on the same boat. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and thanks for doing it!

    P.S. My view of your blog is more like a radar that’s constantly scanning, but when it picks up something of interest it locks on and drills down. So you *do* get some depth — maybe not as much as is possible, but enough for your readers to decide if that’s an interesting approach, and finish the drilling themselves. And that’s the way it should be.

  8. 8 kd

    Please consider having two sections of every post, the eclectic free form posts on the top, and the focused of certain pet projects on the bottom.

    I think every media (blogs are one form) should have a certain focus and the eclectic section to add lighter side of life or the esoteric subjects of main focused messages. Newspapers do this by having a certain focus but then they have their magazines, cartoons, editorials, life style sections.

    Your blogs are very interesting and hope you continue your posts.

  9. 9 MarketSci

    Thanks for all the kind words folks. The post wasn’t a reach for attaboys, but it’s always good to hear that folks are finding value in in this humble little blog. michael

  10. I agree with the previous comments. I don’t use most of the ideas that I read here, but I find them to be useful tools to get me to think outside the box and refine my thinking. I point people to your posts to help them understand what quantitative strategies are about, and that wouldn’t work too well if your posts weren’t short and readable.

    Now go write one about survivorship bias. :)

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