what we do

The mission of this blog is to give you all of the tools you need to succeed in these markets using short-term mechanical trading with no hype, no bias, and no bulls**t.

This blog is NOTabout day trading, it’s about swing trading. It’s about putting 10 minutes a day into actually making the trade but a lot of sweat equity into understanding how to make the trade.

My value-add to you the reader:

num011Each month I put new trading strategies and ideas to the test and present to you the results, good or bad.

For readers looking for a more guided solution, we offer proprietary trading strategies (all with 100% verifiable actual results) through either a subscription or managed account. Click to read more.

I eat my own cooking. 100% of my own long-term net worth is invested in my strategies, and I provide the verifiable results of those strategies every month.

And why do I do all of this? For entirely selfish reasons.

About Michael:

I’ve spent more than ten years in this perpetual quest to wrangle these unruly markets. In my previous life I was an engineer, but left that many moons ago to do what I love and do best.

When inspiration strikes, I spend my days (and sleepless nights) developing trading strategies and keeping up with this blog.

climbingAnd when not being a geek, I can be found climbing, fighting, or doing any number of other distinctly non-geeky things to burn off these obsessive tendencies.

Happy Trading,

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